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The only established, proactive security analytics solution that’s making safe schools the standard, not the dream.

Ready to make your school safer?


What makes Vyze™ different from other safety solutions?

Patented scenario-based detection
system can be programmed to identify
and respond to specific events in real
time, such as an intrusion or weapon on

Low-cost, cloud-based integration
works seamlessly with pre-existing
cameras and detection devices for fast
and easy deployment.

AI-enabled real-time alerts combine
the power of human and machine to
instantly notify security staff and improve
response times.

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Vyze™’s ultimate mission is to restore U.S. schools to hopeful, open environments focused on learning and academic success — places where teachers feel empowered to educate and students feel confident enough to get back to learning without worring about safety threats. Vyze™ works with all kinds of educational institutions to provide world-class security measures inside and around the border of school buildings and other campus facilities.


Vyze™’s comprehensive safety capabilities

Weapons Detection

Instantly and accurately identifies exposed weapons and suspicious objects, such as an abandoned backpack or suitcase. Vyze™ can also track armed and dangerous individuals across a network of cameras in real time by displaying their path on a map of the facility to enhance situational awareness.

Virtual Net Monitoring

Create a virtual fence line around your school or other facility to screen approaching people and vehicles for potential threats and monitor property entrances and exits without a physical barrier. Virtual fences can also monitor restricted outdoor areas.

Crowd Management

Vyze™’s crowd management features include crowd counting, over-crowding detection, heat-mapping, and line management. Unauthorized gatherings on property can be immediately identified and reported.

Parking Lot Monitoring

Vyze™’s advanced license plate recognition algorithms automatically detect license plates, even in a busy parking lot, and can immediately determine if cars are speeding, going the wrong way, stopping or parking illegally, or obstructing traffic. The plates can then be stored or compared to a database for a multitude of applications.

Fight Detection

Vyze™ can quickly identify erratic human behavior to identify if a fight breaks out so security staff can quickly and effectively address the issue.

Smoke Detection

Vyze™ cameras can detect smoke and heat faster than a fire detector, alerting staff quickly to the presence of a potential fire—or even a person smoking or vaping on the premises.


Industries coming soon


In addition to schools, Vyze™ can be installed in hospitals and other medical facilities to proactively protect patients and care providers with real-time alerts and AI-enabled video analytics.

Airports and Transportation

With 70+ global airport deployments to date and an unparalleled level of flexibility and performance, Vyze™ is internationally approved for use in airports and transportation centers.


Vyze™’s security solutions can be tailored to meet your business’s individual safety requirements and seamlessly integrate with existing security measures.

Critical Infrastructure

Vyze™ protects valuable oil and gas, electrical, nuclear, water, and telecommunications facilities with Vyze™’s advanced virtual net monitoring, maintains health and safety in hazardous environments, and minimizes downtime caused by attacks and safety violations.

Government and Critical Infrastructure

Vyze™ is trusted by military, defense, law enforcement, prison, and border officials to protect critical government properties and infrastructure, including congressional and parliament buildings, military bases, currency printing centers, correctional facilities, police stations, and borders.



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